Off-Loading and Loading Services

Never an answering machine, just responsive and reliable 24-hour service.

Our heavy duty towing services go beyond transportation, here are some of the other reliable services we can provide as part of our off-loading and loading services:

  • Busses, box trucks, RVs, semis, sleepers 
  • Loading and off-loading all size trailers, Open & Enclosed
  • Equipment and cargo transfers
  • Safe decking and un-decking of tractors
  • Transfer of specialist equipment, heavy machinery and cargo
  • Piggy backing
  • Assistance with mobile loading dock

Decking and Un-Decking Services

Whether you need to deck or un-deck a semi tractor, RV, box truck, or sleeper, our heavy duty towing technicians are ready to help you.

You can rely on our decking and un-decking service to be fast, reliable, and professional. Our team of heavy duty towing operators in the greater Memphis area are experienced in all kinds of decking and un-decking. No vehicle is too big or too small for our team of professionals to handle, they are ready to respond to your call. And we have an ultra-modern 50-ton rotator for the biggest jobs.

If you’re dealing with specialist cargo, heavy equipment, or industrial machinery, our team of trained heavy duty towing technicians can also safely load or off-load any type of cargo.

From our two separate dispatch locations, one in South Memphis, Tennessee, and the other across state lines in Mississippi, we’re positioned to dispatch a technician to reach your location quickly and efficiently, anywhere in Memphis and the Greater Lynchburg area.

Visit our blog to read an account of our heavy duty towing service, when we safely un-decked a semi-cab for a happy customer in Tunica, Mississippi. Our customer called from a location 40-miles outside of downtown Memphis, and our dispatch team immediately sent out a heavy wrecker operator who arrived within 90-minutes of the call.

Never an answering machine or answering service, our dispatchers provide first-rate 24-hour service. Call us now to request our fast and reliable Decking and Un-Decking Services.

Cargo Recovery & Forklift Services

Ready for any load, 24-hours a day. Our service capabilities include:

  • Cargo load hauling
  • Cargo load handling
  • Loading dock in our facility
  • Forklift hire and services
  • Mobile loading ramps
  • Roadside cargo load swaps
  • Bobcat services
  • Steel plates and coils
  • Pallet jack service
  • Paper clamping