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West Memphis is the largest city in Crittenden County, Arkansas. The city has grown since its humble roots as a ferry operation from Memphis to Arkansas to a thriving distribution center. Some of the notable companies that have distribution hubs in West Memphis include Family Dollar and Ciba Chemicals. There are also over 26,000 people that call the city home. This equates to a large number of vehicles on the road here. There are the normal cars and trucks that residents drive to large commercial semi-trucks that transport goods.

These vehicles are the lifeblood of the city. It is important to keep them moving and transporting the people and goods that keep the city alive. Unfortunately, sometimes they break down while on the road. It can be a flat tire, a car accident, or you drove into a ditch. Regardless of why you need help, our heavy-duty towing crew is here for you throughout West Memphis, AR.

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At Davenport’s Towing, we provide a wide variety of towing services and roadside assistance. Our company is located just 15 minutes away from West Memphis, AR so we can arrive quickly. Our services include light-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, specialized transport, impounding, and roadside assistance. We can help with anything from a flat tire to impounding to heavy equipment hauls. Contact our towing service today for any assistance that you need in the West Memphis, AR area!