Semi Towing a Railroad Repair Truck

Davenport’s uses unusual semi towing method

Davenport’s semi towing team came to the rescue of a railroad repair truck. The small truck had some mechanical issues and would not start. Thankfully, the truck was in an industrial park and not over the railroad tracks when it decided not to start! The crew was on site at Rivergate Road in 45 minutes and got straight to work.

They decided to use a more unusual technique to tow the truck to the repair yard. Normally, to tow a truck they would need to disable the drive shaft and then proceed to hook onto the front of the truck. This was not the case with this tow! The team decided to hook up to the rear of the truck to avoid disabling the drive shaft and get the truck to the repair yard quicker. This unusual technique was used as the truck was lightweight and the repair yard they needed to tow it to was only 10 miles away. This towing method can only be used in ideal situations as the team needs to drive at a slower speed with this set-up. They would not have been able to do this on a highway! 

Thanks to this novel towing method, it only took the team 23 minutes from arrival at the scene to drop off at the repair yard. How amazing is that? Continue the great work!

Details of Semi Towing a Railroad Repair Truck

A phone call requesting a semi towing team was received in the dispatch center at 3:00. The semi towing team was immediately dispatched. The semi towing team drove to the pick up location on Rivergate Road in an industrial park. 

The semi towing team arrived at the truck at 3:45. A lightweight railroad utility truck awaited the semi towing team at the scene. The trailer was in good condition but the truck would not start. The immediate cause of the lack of power in the truck was not known. The semi towing team disconnected the truck and the trailer. The railroad utility company sent another truck to pick up the trailer. 

The semi towing team assessed the situation. Normally, they would need to disable the drive shaft and hook up the front of the truck to be towed. In this situation, the semi towing team decided to use an uncommon towing method. The semi towing team hooked up to the rear of the truck. This was possible as the truck was lightweight and the drop off point was located a mere 10 miles away. Another element which made this technique possible was the location of the truck in a quiet industrial yard. Should the truck have broken down on the highway, this technique would not have been possible as this technique requires the semi towing team to drive slowly.

Once the semi towing team successfully hooked up the truck, they drove at a reduced speed to the repair yard 10 miles away. The truck was delivered to the repair yard at 4:08.