When to Consider a Heavy Equipment Hauling Service: Key Scenarios and Benefits

For industries that use large machinery and equipment on a regular basis, dedicated heavy equipment hauling service can be essential. These specialized services ensure that large, heavy, and cumbersome items can be transported as safely and efficiently as possible. This minimizes the risk of damage and makes logistical arrangements easier to manage. Here are several scenarios where enlisting help from a heavy equipment hauling company can be beneficial:

Construction Projects

Construction sites frequently require heavy machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, backhoes, and excavators to be transported. Moving this type of equipment from one site to another, or even across one large site, can be a logistical challenge. Using a professional hauling service can allow you to complete the work smoothly, ensuring that all equipment arrives on time and ready for use. This helps keep construction projects on schedule and contributes to peace of mind.

Relocating Industrial Facilities

When factories, manufacturing plants, or industrial facilities relocate or establish, it’s important to figure out a safe and effective way to transport heavy machinery. Industrial equipment requires careful handling due to its size, weight, complexity, and unusual proportions. Heavy equipment haulers provide professional transportation services to safely move your most valuable assets, putting our considerable experience to work on your behalf.

Agricultural Operations

Do you own or operate an agricultural property? Large equipment such as tractors, plows, and combines often need to be moved between fields or to different fields for seasonal needs and storage. A heavy equipment hauling company can transport these large, unwieldy pieces efficiently, reducing the wear and tear that you might accumulate from driving them over long distances on public roads.

Infrastructure Development

Large-scale infrastructure projects, such as road building, bridge construction, and public utility maintenance, often require the use of heavy machinery. Transporting this equipment to and from remote or difficult-to-access sites can be difficult. Fortunately, professional haulers can complete the work efficiently and safely.

Energy Projects

Setting up or maintaining energy projects, especially wind farms, involves transporting extremely large parts like turbine blades, towers, and nacelles. These components require special handling and transportation strategies that heavy equipment hauling services are ideally equipped to provide.

Mining Operations

Mining equipment is extremely heavy and cumbersome to move, requiring the use of heavy haul services for transportation. Whether it’s relocating equipment between mining sites or bringing in new machinery, professional haulers can handle the significant weight and size of mining machinery.

Benefits of Using Heavy Equipment Hauling Services:

  • Safety:Professional heavy equipment hauling companies have the training, equipment, and experience to handle large loads safely, reducing the risk of accidents during transportation.
  • Compliance:A professional team is deeply familiar with local regulatory requirements, including permits and road use laws; this ensures that all transportation complies with state and federal legislation.
  • Cost-Effective:Using professional haulers can be more economical in the long run. We provide efficient, damage-free transportation, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to pay for repairs due to improper handling.
  • Convenience:Outsourcing your heavy equipment transportation work saves you time and energy to focus on your core operations, rather than managing logistical details.

Heavy equipment hauling services are indispensable across many industries. If you need equipment, machinery, or any other oversized item transported safely and efficiently, reach out to a professional company today.  No matter what your specific needs might be, taking advantage of professional services keeps your operation running smoothly and on time.

The team at Davenport’s Towing offers professional heavy equipment hauling services for clients across the Memphis, Collierville, and Bartlett, TN areas, as well as West Memphis, AR and Southaven, MS. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you!

The Importance of Using a Heavy Duty Towing Service

When it comes to managing breakdowns or accidents that involve large vehicles such as semi trucks, buses, or RVs, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of using a dedicated heavy duty towing service. A heavy duty towing company uses specialized equipment to handle the size, weight, and complexity that larger vehicles bring to the table, keeping the process safe and efficient. Here are some essential reasons to opt for a heavy duty towing service:


Safety is the single most important reason to use a heavy-duty towing service when you need it. Large vehicles pose significant challenges due to their massive size and weight. Standard towing equipment is not designed to handle such extreme loads; even attempting to move a heavy duty vehicle with a regular tow truck can significantly increase the risk of an accident or breakdown. Heavy duty tow trucks are equipped with the right tools and technology to manage these large vehicles safely. Heavy duty tow truck operators are also trained to handle significant loads, ensuring that your vehicle is properly towed without causing damage to the vehicle or posing a risk to other road users.

Appropriate Equipment

Heavy duty tow trucks come equipped with the necessary machinery to handle large-scale jobs. From powerful trucks with enhanced towing capacities to specialized recovery equipment like winches and ultra-strong cables, a dedicated company has the capacity to handle any load with ease and precision. Such equipment is essential to properly secure and transport heavy vehicles efficiently. Without the appropriate towing equipment, attempting to tow a large vehicle can result in further damage to the vehicle as well as the towing apparatus.

Avoiding Further Damage

When a large vehicle is involved in an accident or suffers a breakdown, improper handling during the towing process can cause further damage. Heavy duty towing professionals understand the intricacies involved in securing heavy vehicles. We use industry methods to ensure that the vehicle is towed securely while preserving its condition as much as possible. This is particularly important for commercial vehicles where damage control translates directly into cost savings. If you operate a commercial vehicle and have been involved in an accident or breakdown, working with a dedicated service can put your mind at ease during an already stressful situation.

Professional Experience

Operators of heavy-duty tow trucks are highly trained professionals who specialize in handling heavy and complex recovery operations. We have the technical knowledge and professional experience to quickly assess situations and execute an effective recovery plan. We can navigate roads safely while transporting large loads, ensuring compliance with traffic regulations and road safety standards.


While it might seem counterintuitive, using a heavy-duty towing service can actually save you money in the long run. Ensuring that a large, heavy vehicle is handled properly from the outset can prevent additional damage from inadequate towing practices, which will be significantly more expensive to address. You can also take advantage of additional services, such as roadside assistance for minor problems, giving you targeted solutions that can save you both time and money.

Legal Compliance

Towing large vehicles is not just about physical and technical capabilities; it also involves strict adherence to any applicable legal requirements. Heavy-duty towing professionals are familiar with local, state, and federal regulations related to towing large vehicles, helping you avoid legal complications that can arise from non-compliance with traffic laws and regulations.

Reach Out to a Professional Today

Opting for a professional heavy-duty towing service is a decision that safeguards both the vehicle and the broader public. The team at Davenport’s Towing offers the specialized assistance you need. Contact us if you need heavy duty towing services in the Memphis, Bartlett, or Collierville, TN areas; we also serve West Memphis, AR and Southaven, MS, as well as the surrounding region. 

woman in car giving thumbs up

When to Call for Roadside Assistance

Prompt & Reliable Roadside Assistance for Bartlett, Collierville, Memphis, TN; West Memphis, AR; & Southaven, MS

Vehicles are complex pieces of machinery that can encounter any number of issues at any time and place. Roadside assistance services can come in handy as a quick and convenient way to remedy many of these problems. Drivers often make the mistake, however, of thinking that roadside assistance is only for emergency situations, such as after a car crash. Read on to learn more about some of the common services the team here at Davenport’s Towing provides for customers stuck on the side of the road in Bartlett, Collierville, and Memphis, TN; West Memphis, AR; Southaven, MS; and the surrounding areas.

  • Flat Tires: Driving on a flat tire can cause serious damage to the wheel rim and should only be done in order to bring the vehicle to a safe parking spot. Some drivers may have experience with changing a tire themselves, but calling roadside assistance can ensure the switch is performed quickly, properly, and safely.
  • Dead Battery: We’ve all made the mistake of leaving our headlights on, only to return to our car to find that it won’t start. It’s common advice to carry jumper cables in the trunk, but sometimes there are no other vehicles and drivers around to help. Roadside assistance will give you a jump and get you back on the road.
  • Lock-Outs: Whether you’ve locked your keys inside the car, left them on a kitchen counter or in a desk drawer, or fear you may have actually lost them, many roadside assistance services can send out a professional auto locksmith to meet you, whether you are at home, the office, the grocery store, or anywhere else.
  • Out of Gas: When your gas gauge reaches the dreaded E, you are not always in the vicinity of a station to refill. Don’t worry, simply contact roadside assistance. Someone will show up with a gas container and fuel up your tank enough to make it to the nearest pump.

If you are having any other trouble, do not hesitate to call Davenport’s Towing. Our friendly roadside assistance experts will be sure to do everything in their power to help you out of it!

Semi Towing a Railroad Repair Truck

Davenport’s uses unusual semi towing method

Davenport’s semi towing team came to the rescue of a railroad repair truck. The small truck had some mechanical issues and would not start. Thankfully, the truck was in an industrial park and not over the railroad tracks when it decided not to start! The crew was on site at Rivergate Road in 45 minutes and got straight to work.

They decided to use a more unusual technique to tow the truck to the repair yard. Normally, to tow a truck they would need to disable the drive shaft and then proceed to hook onto the front of the truck. This was not the case with this tow! The team decided to hook up to the rear of the truck to avoid disabling the drive shaft and get the truck to the repair yard quicker. This unusual technique was used as the truck was lightweight and the repair yard they needed to tow it to was only 10 miles away. This towing method can only be used in ideal situations as the team needs to drive at a slower speed with this set-up. They would not have been able to do this on a highway! 

Thanks to this novel towing method, it only took the team 23 minutes from arrival at the scene to drop off at the repair yard. How amazing is that? Continue the great work!

Details of Semi Towing a Railroad Repair Truck

A phone call requesting a semi towing team was received in the dispatch center at 3:00. The semi towing team was immediately dispatched. The semi towing team drove to the pick up location on Rivergate Road in an industrial park. 

The semi towing team arrived at the truck at 3:45. A lightweight railroad utility truck awaited the semi towing team at the scene. The trailer was in good condition but the truck would not start. The immediate cause of the lack of power in the truck was not known. The semi towing team disconnected the truck and the trailer. The railroad utility company sent another truck to pick up the trailer. 

The semi towing team assessed the situation. Normally, they would need to disable the drive shaft and hook up the front of the truck to be towed. In this situation, the semi towing team decided to use an uncommon towing method. The semi towing team hooked up to the rear of the truck. This was possible as the truck was lightweight and the drop off point was located a mere 10 miles away. Another element which made this technique possible was the location of the truck in a quiet industrial yard. Should the truck have broken down on the highway, this technique would not have been possible as this technique requires the semi towing team to drive slowly.

Once the semi towing team successfully hooked up the truck, they drove at a reduced speed to the repair yard 10 miles away. The truck was delivered to the repair yard at 4:08.

Davenports’ heavy towing wrecker gently pivoting the semi cab for a safe un-decking

Heavy Towing Effort To Undeck Semi Cab

Davenports Heavy Towing Team Dispatch Within the Hour to Un-Deck Semi Cab

Dedicated to their promise of first-rate 24-hour service, Davenports Heavy Towing delivered last week when a call came in from Tunica Mississippi, requesting for assistance to un-deck a brand new semi cab that had just been delivered.

A simple job, but no task is too big or small for the heavy towing team at Davenports. After receiving the call, the technician was immediately briefed and set-off south from Memphis down Route 61 in a 35 ton heavy wrecker, arriving to assist the customer in Mississippi in less than 90-minutes.

Pulling up to the roadside at 2076 Selden Road where the semi cab was parked, Davenports’ technician greeted the client and quickly set to work, extending the boom from the heavy wrecker to begin the task of un-decking the new semi cab from its carrier. Working swiftly, winch cables were then used to securely attach the decked semi cab to the boom, allowing the technician to gently pivot the heavy wrecker, and carefully lift the new truck. While the technician lifted the truck clear from the semi-cab on the ground, the customer assisted by driving the other semi-cab out from under the boom, clearing space for safe and gentle landing of the new truck onto the roadside. 

A great job well done by Davenports, and in super quick time, allowing the client to get on with the rest of the day’s to-do list. Check!

Davenports’ heavy towing wrecker gently pivoting the semi cab for a safe un-decking
Davenports’ heavy towing wrecker gently pivoting the semi cab for a safe un-decking

Details of Davenports Heavy Towing Services After Safely Un-Decking Semi Cab

Davenport’s heavy towing service w

as contacted to un-deck a semi cab that had just been delivered. The call came into their heavy towing team last week, from Tunica Mississippi. Our heavy towing technician drove from Davenports in Memphis to the Tunica location in Mississippi. The heavy towing technician parked his 35 ton heavy wrecker. The heavy towing technician assessed the situation, and he determined the best way to un-deck the semi cab attached to the other semi. The heavy towing technician then pulled up to the side of the decked semi. First, the heavy towing technician moved and extended his boom just over the semi-cab. Once the heavy boom was in place, the heavy towing technician decided to use the winch cables. The heavy towing technician extended the winch cables and he carefully attached the winch cable hook to the frame. Once the heavy towing technician determined that it was safely attached, the heavy towing technician walked back over to the heavy wrecker. The heavy towing technician then very simply lifted up the semi-cab. The heavy towing technician then turned the boom, which allowed the semi cab to clear itself from the semi that was carrying it. The heavy towing technician then slowly set the cab down, one foot, then two more feet until it finally rested safely on the ground.